Faith to Conquer Fear™: The Journey book


In Faith to Conquer FearTM: The Journey, Christy L. Demetrakis offers wisdom, activities, and prayers to help you identify what is keeping you from achieving your goals and dreams. Referencing scriptures that apply to everyday struggles, she provides practical steps for the faithless and fearful.

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Fear is the enemy of success. Fear hinders love, avoids risk, and paralyzes forward movement. Embracing fear is safe, but it is also poison.

Faith and fear cannot co-exist. Faith is trust, confidence, and belief in God and in yourself. If you let it, faith can conquer fear.

God wants you to achieve your goals, and He has a plan for you; however, that does not mean you can coast while He takes care of everything. For God’s plan to succeed, you need to put in the work and, of course, have a little faith

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