What You Need When You Book Christy Demetrakis

Please fill out the Pre-Program Questionnaire. This questionnaire is designed to help me prepare for my upcoming presentation with your organization. Please complete as many of the questions that are applicable to your group. After I have received this information, a phone appointment will be scheduled to discuss it further. Thank you!

Videos & Radio Show Appearances


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What is the dress attire? (Business, business casual, formal, etc.):

What is the income range of the audience?

How many people will be attending, and what is the make-up of the audience? (sales, tech, male/female ratio, how long employed, etc.):

What is the primary purpose of the event? Any specific objectives?

What are some specific challenges that your employees are facing?

Is there a theme to the meeting? (Push month, sales kickoff, etc.):

What are some recent accomplishments that your organization has achieved?

Will there be any other speakers? If so, who? Will they be selling their products/services to the audience?

Will there be any media at the event?

Is there any specific jargon I should use at your meeting?

Are there any topics to stay away from?

Are there any other suggestions for me to make this your best program ever?

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What is the exact amount of time I will be speaking?

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What You Need After You Book Christy Demetrakis

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